Colon Health Is Essential To Good Overall Health

Colon Health 1Colon health is not something most people think about until they get to a certain age. However, if a person waits until a certain age, usually 50+, to worry about their colon health, it may be too late. The typical American diet does not lend itself to good general health much less good colon health. A healthy body is something that you should consider and plan for with every meal. that is way eating well is so important to overall health.

Many people simple eat what they want and then do a colon cleanse once or twice a year to achieve good colon health. This however is a BIG mistake. While doing a colon cleanse is not a bad thing in and of itself, it alone can’t achieve good colon health. Think of it this way. If a person took the trash out of their house once or twice a year, would anyone tell them that they have good, or even average, home health practices? Of course not. Anyone would be able to see and smell that that house is filthy.

It is the same with the body and the colon. Most Americans eat at least once a day, which means if the food that was eaten contained the necessary ingredients, a bowel movement should occur some hours later. Even though feces contain about 75 percent water, the rest is made up of a mixture of different things. Dead bacteria used to digest the food, some proteins, living bacteria, indigestible fiber, and waste materials from the liver and intestines.

Ideally you want to move this out of your body as soon as possible. The longer this waste stays in the body, the more toxic it becomes to the body. Thus, not having regular bowel movements can have a serious effect on overall health. Colon health does affect overall health and wellness.

What can I do to achieve good colon health?

Colon Health 3Fiber is one of the most important things that can help achieve good colon health. Every meal should contain lots of healthy natural fiber. This means a diet that contains little or no fresh fruits and vegetables will have little to no fiber in it. Fiber is what the body uses to move food being digested through the intestines and eventually out of the body.

If a person eats enough fresh fruits and vegetables with EVERY meal, the body will be able to keep itself clean and waste free. People generally think that the stomach is where food is digested, when in fact the stomach is just a part of the digestive process. Food continues to be broken down in the intestines. The large intestines or colon, absorbs nutrients from the food and passes it to the body where it is needed.

If waste material remains in the colon for too long, the toxins that develop will be reabsorbed back into the body. This is obviously not good or healthy. Thus eating enough fiber with every meal will ensure that the food and waste materials can move easily through the colon then out of the body.

What are the benefits of good colon health?

  1. Weight Loss – Slow moving decaying fecal matter develops mucus and sticks to the colon walls. Over time this can weigh Colon Health 2down the colon with pounds of waste. Cleaning your colon can remove as much as 20 pounds of waste material.
  2. Energy – Toxin build up can cause problems with sleep, circulation and overall body function. A clean colon removes these toxins which increases circulation and improves sleep which gives a person more energy.
  3. Improved Digestion – Waste that clogs the colon prevents nutrients from being absorbed into the body. Nutrients that the body needs to function properly. A clean colon allows the colon to move nutrients from the food to the body where it’s needed. This keeps all the body’s organs in good health, which in turn helps a person feel healthy.

Good health can not be achieved without good colon health. A colon cleanse once or twice a year is not the solution to good colon health. Eating food rich in fiber is essential to keep the colon working well. When you eat you next meal, and the meal after that, make sure you eat lots of fiber to achieve great colon health.

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