Brothers Farmers Market

brothers farmers market2The video below just gives you a small taste of what you’re in for when you visit Brothers Farmers Market. If you want fresh produce, excellent service, and even better prices look no further. If you happen to live near Hollywood Florida, you have to stop in and check out Brothers Farmers Market. The two managers Jose and Mike were a pleasure to deal with and they were really funny. Neither of them really wanted to be on camera but they were both naturals. They let us have the run of the place and we were free to film the entire front of the store. We were having trouble with power as our battery died, but Jose and Mike made sure we had power.¬†They also let us ask the customers questions. All of their business at Brothers Farmers Market is by word-of-mouth. They had 4 Bartlett pears for $1.00. That’s crazy pricing.

You certainly wouldn’t get that in your local super store. Everything in the store was nice and clean. The isles were all stocked and there were plenty of customers. Both Jose and Mike are hard workers. As soon as they were finished with us they went right back to work. The cashier was very polite and helpful as brothers farmers market1well. This is definitely a place I want to come back to.

We were able to pick up about 6 bags full of produce for $40.00. I will be eating that food for weeks. Some Farmers markets can be dirty and messy. Not Brothers Farmers Market. From the time you walked in until the time you left you felt comfortable, everything looked fresh and clean. They also have a reduced price section. This is where you can get really ripe fruits and vegetables for even better prices. If you want to make some salsa tonight just check out the reduced price section and you might find everything you need for under $5.00.

brothers farmers marketIf you need a good salsa recipe ask Mike. He will tell you how to give your salsa a kick. Brothers Farmers Market also sells retail and wholesale. They have fruit and vegetable platters for you office parties or corporate events. They make fruit baskets, Fresh squeezed juices and fruit smoothies. I sure they would even make a custom smoothie if you asked. That’s just how they roll. At Brothers Farmers Market they are all about customer service. You can see more on their website by clicking HERE.

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