Cancer Preventing Foods

Cancer preventing foods are not special foods that are hard to come by. Yet cancer is on the rise in America. Why are some many people getting this deadly disease when cancer preventing foods are so plentiful? It’s because not many people know what foods help the body not only fight cancer, but help prevent it. […]

Reclaiming Your Health

Reclaiming your health simply means taking control of your health status and situation. Over the last few decades, Americans have become the most overfed yet undernourished nation in the world. There is a convenient fast food restaurant almost on every corner these days. Most Americans have become so busy that Eating Well and healthy is […]

Quinoa and Roasted Corn

Quinoa and Roasted Corn, is a great dish to have in your arsenal. Part of eating well is variety. Eating different foods gives the body a wide range of nutrients. It also keeps your meals from getting boring and mundane. This Quinoa and roasted corn dish is neither boring nor mundane, yet it is simple. […]

Immune System Health Foods

The immune system is responsible for protecting the body against disease, illness, and infections. The immune system uses your body tissues along with chemical reactions to defend the body against harmful bacteria, other microbes, viruses, parasites and free radicals. Different types of harmful invaders produce different types of responses from the body. Antibodies are produced […]

Antioxidants. Why Are They Important?

We constantly hear about how we need antioxidants. Health news is full of articles and programs that tell us how we need more antioxidants. But what are antioxidants and why do we need them? What happens if we don’t get enough? Well one thing is certain, with the American diet the way it is, it […]

Vitamin A Benefits and Effects

There are about 44 percent of Americans right now that are deficient in vitamin A. Vitamin A is good for more than just eye health. This Vitamin helps protect against cancer and heart disease as well as night blindness and other eye problems. It also helps the skin repair itself as well as helps in […]

Frozen Foods Are Acceptable

Fresh foods are always the best. However, frozen foods are an acceptable second choice. Frozen foods retain more of their nutrition than when they become over ripe. Frozen foods also has more nutrients than canned or jarred products. A key factor in choosing good frozen products is learning to read labels. Fortunately, we have an […]

Fiber! Why We Need More.

Fiber is very important to overall good health. However, the American diet is really low in fiber which can lead to all sorts of health problems. Many Americans today think it is normal to have one bowel movement per week. A truly healthy person should have a bowel movement after every meal. Every time you […]

Cranberry Coconut Bars

Cranberry coconut bars are a great quick easy dessert you can serve you guests at any gathering. These vegan cranberry coconut bars will be a great compliment to you recipe arsenal. So many people think you have to spend all day in the kitchen to make a great dessert. This is not the case. Within […]

Food Cravings. How To Deal With It.

Food cravings is something that affects everyone at one time or another. Do you ever feel guilty after giving in to a food craving? DON’T! Blaming yourself will only worsen your mood and increase your chances for serotonin imbalance in the body. Many researchers believe that an imbalance in serotonin levels in the body leads […]