Colon Health Is Essential To Good Overall Health

Colon health is not something most people think about until they get to a certain age. However, if a person waits until a certain age, usually 50+, to worry about their colon health, it may be too late. The typical American diet does not lend itself to good general health much less good colon health. […]

Frozen Foods Are Acceptable

Fresh foods are always the best. However, frozen foods are an acceptable second choice. Frozen foods retain more of their nutrition than when they become over ripe. Frozen foods also has more nutrients than canned or jarred products. A key factor in choosing good frozen products is learning to read labels. Fortunately, we have an […]

Food Cravings. How To Deal With It.

Food cravings is something that affects everyone at one time or another. Do you ever feel guilty after giving in to a food craving? DON’T! Blaming yourself will only worsen your mood and increase your chances for serotonin imbalance in the body. Many researchers believe that an imbalance in serotonin levels in the body leads […]

Dinner Time; Set The Stage!

The dinner time atmosphere should be happy and relaxed. Dinner time should be a time you and your family look forward to. Many people don’t realize that mood affects digestion. The better your mood, the better your body will digest the foods you have eaten. To that end, when it’s time for dinner try to […]

Nutrition Labels 101

Nutrition labels have become harder to read than the Mandarin is for someone who has never seen or heard of the language. With food companies trying to make foods taste better by adding chemicals, nutrition labels are getting more complicated. However just understanding the basics can be a challenge. What does “total carbohydrates” mean? Does […]

Eating Healthy and Your Kids

Eating healthy is hard enough for adults much less children. Because some children don’t understand the benefits of eating healthy getting them to eat right can be a challenge. However, as parents and guardians it falls to us to make sure our kids eat healthy meals. Not society, TV, church, or even friends and family […]

Healthy Eating Tips

Okay, A lot of us might know what to eat when it comes to healthy eating. But, how are we supposed to eat? Health eating is as much about what you eat as how you eat. Not eating the proper way can seriously limit healthy eating. To that end, here are some tips for healthy […]

Why Does What I Eat Matter?

Why does what I eat matter? This is a question that people know but try not to think about. The question of why does what I eat matter has to be answered intellectually before it can be applied physically. All men and women were created equal in worth but not in body type and structure. […]

Phytonutrients and Why We Need Them

Phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables help keep out bodies healthy. Phytonutrients can be grouped by color. Each color group has its own different protective benefits. Eating all the colors of the phytonutrient rainbow will keep you healthy and strong. If you want to accomplish this you will have to eat a wide variety of […]

Health Benefits of Cauliflower

Cauliflower should be a part of our diets at least 2-3 times per week. Even though cauliflower is not one of the more studied vegetables, it has shown great promise. Cauliflower should not be over cooked. This will cause it to lose much of it’s flavor and nutrients. One cup of lightly steamed cauliflower has […]