Eat Healthy When On Vacation

eat healthyTo eat healthy should not be something that we abandon when we leave home to go on vacation. We take care to plan our vacations by using websites like our sister site,  We should take the same care to eat healthy when on vacation. With so many different restaurants around the country, and the world, eating healthy is very possible on vacation. Many people use vacation time as an excuse to eat things they wouldn’t normally eat. This causes their diet to be thrown out of the window. However, if we have the desire to eat healthy there are many things we can do to make it a reality.

Five Tips To Help You Eat Healthy On Your Next Vacation

  1. When you eat at a restaurant, make you order a custom order. 70% of eateries with meals costing less than $25 per person say that people prefer to customize their order. 80% of eateries with meals costing more than $25 per person say the same thing. This shows that restaurants are used to people telling them how they want their meals cooked. Take advantage of this and ask for healthier options.
  2. Take your time when you eat. If you want to eat healthy, you must take time to enjoy your food. Vacation time should be a time to slow down and enjoy the day. Don’t pack so many things to do in a day that you must rush the eating process. When you eat slowly, you not only eat less, but you give your taste buds a chance to enjoy the flavors of the food. Your body also digests food better. Thus, this causes your body to get more nutrition from each meal. This is a key factor when trying to eat healthy.
  3. Take a walk after you eat. In order to get the most out of digestion, nothing beats walking. Don’t eat so much that all you want to do is sleep after you eat. Choose foods that are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates that can give you energy to enjoy your vacation. Once you finish taking your time to eat healthy, finish it off with a nice leisurely walk. Plus if you do eat a eat healthy 1little extra calories at lunch or dinner, walking, hiking, or even sight seeing is a good way to burn off those calories.
  4. Don’t deny yourself a treat. Good tasting treats don’t all have to be bad for you. Also, your goal to eat healthy on vacation should include moderation. If you want that piece of cake or pie, limit it to one a day. If you want more treats after that, opt for healthy options. Yogurt or sherbet instead of ice cream, or fresh fruit instead of cake. Doing this will cause you to eat healthy with little effort.
  5. Make water your best friend. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated with water throughout the day. You want to drink very little when you eat. Water dilutes things and you want you body to get maximum nutrition when you eat. Drinking alcohol drains the body of water and makes digestion more difficult. This is because your body needs water in order to digest food. Trying to eat healthy and not drink water is counter productive. So hydrate yourself at least 30 minutes before you eat. This will keep you from wanting to drink while you’re eating.

In order to eat healthy when on vacation you have to make an effort. can help you get where you need to go, but once you get there, you must choose to eat healthy. Make your next vacation full of sun, fun, and eating healthy.

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