Veggie Fresh Market

Veggie Fresh Market is one of those places that you feel right at home in from the minute you walk in the door. It has a clean and spacious layout that makes everything you are looking for easy to find. They have a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables which they keep stocked all year round. Veggie Fresh market believes in supporting local farmers when they can which I think is very important. They have a list of smoothies that you can choose from and they will even make a custom blend if you ask them.

Veggie Fresh Market also has a very healthy smoothie that contains Kale and Spinach. It is nice and sweet so it tastes more like a dessert than something healthy. I tried the Nanaberry smoothie and the Sunny Day smoothie. Both were packed with fruit and the Sunny Day smoothie had ginger in it which gave it a nice kick. Veggie Fresh Market is a family owned and operated business run by Demsay Manzano. He and his family are super nice. They have a sit down area where you can sit and enjoy your smoothies.

They also carry freshly baked pastries. With this farmers market fast food is a thing of the past. You can come in with your family and spend sometime, while giving your kids fresh healthy food. Veggie Fresh Market is located in Tamarac, Florida and is a welcome addition to the community. The video below just gives you a taste as to what you can expect when you go into their store.

Veggie Fresh Market also has some of the best pricing around. We bought two smoothies at $4.50 each and a bunch of fruits and vegetables and only ended up spending $20. If we had gone to a Super Store we would have easily spent double that. So if you are in the area of Tamarac Florida and you are looking to get fresh produce head over to Veggie Fresh Market.

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